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January 14

Do this Pre-Course Assignment Course (after getting my "Welcome" email).

Introduction and Overview

Chapter 1: What is Statistics, Read entire chapter.
Chapter 2: Graphic Presentation, Read entire chapter.
Chapter 3: Numerical Measures, Read chapter, skip Geometric Mean.
Chapter 4: Exploring Data, Read chapter, skip Stem-and-Leaf Displays, and Contingency Tables

Tableau (Optional): What is Tableau? Access and installation.


January 21

No Class. Martin Luther King Holiday


January 28

Decision Analysis and Decision Trees. Supplemental Readings: Lind Ch20 (from 16 Ed.), Bertsimas Ch.1 §1-3

Tableau (Optional): Getting Started


February 4

Chapter 5: Probability, Read chapter, skip Contingency Tables, and Baye's Theorem.

Tableau (Optional): Replication of M&M Charts


February 11

Chapter 6: Discrete Distributions, Read chapter, skip Hypergeometric and Poisson Probability Distributions.

Tableau (Optional): Box Plots


February 18

Chapter 7: Continuous Distributions, Read chapter, skip Normal Approximation to the Binomial, and The Family of Exponential Distributions.

Tableau (Optional): Non-Excel visualizations


February 25

Chapter 8: Sampling Methods, Read entire chapter.

Chapter 9: Estimations and Confidence Intervals. Read chapter, skip Confidence Level for a Proportion, and Finite-Population Correction Factor.

Tableau (Optional): Clustered Charts



Exam 1, Weeks 1-5. This exam will be administered "online." It is available from 2/23 to 3/1. Let Dr. Jerz know if you need it a little earlier or later.


March 4

Chapter 10: One-Sample Tests, Read chapter, skip Tests Concerning Proportions, Type II Error.
Chapter 11: Two-Sample Tests, Read chapter, skip Two-Sample Tests about Proportions, Two-Sample Tests of Hypothesis: Dependent Samples, and Comparing Dependent and Independent Samples.
Chapter 12: ANOVA, Chapter 12: Read from chapter beginning up to and including The ANOVA Test.

Tableau (Optional): Cleaning data and working with named ranges


March 11

Chapter 13: Regression and Correlation, Read chapter, skip Transforming Data.

Tableau (Optional): Scatter Diagrams


March 18

No class. Spring Break


March 25

Chapter 14: Multiple Regression, Read chapter, skip Stepwise Regression.

Tableau (Optional): Regression Analysis


April 1

Optimizations and Simulation. Supplemental Reading Chapter 19 Linear Programming, and Supplemental Reading Chapter 5 Simulation Modeling.

Tableau (Optional): Multiple Regression Analysis


April 8

Exam 2, Weeks 6-10. This exam will be administered "online", so we will not be meeting in class. The exam will be available from 4/6 to 4/12.
Semester ends. All remaining work due by Friday, April 12,11:55 PM

Tableau (Optional): Sharing Your Visualizations